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How will the iOS 14 update effect my App marketing

During the 2020 WWDC Apple decided to announce some serious changes to be made with the iOS 14 update specifically around mobile tracking. To get to the crux users will need to opt in to tracking meaning the IDFA will no longer be accessible to any mobile measurement partners.

What is the IDFA?

The Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) is the key identifier for mobile and app owners which are assigned to devices at random by Apple to allow app owners to track their paid campaigns and deliver personalized advertising.

This provides details around the amount of impressions, clicks or App events that a user takes. It's worthwhile to note that for now Android remains as is.

So where does that leave you with mobile measurement partners, from my research a number of these solutions will be utilsing technology based on probabilistic outcomes not requiring any universal ID.

How will this effect self-attributing ad networks (Google, Facebook, Snap, Twitter, etc.) attribution and deep linking

Its a bit unclear at this stage what is going to happen here, what I do know is all MMP integrations rely on the IDFA to confirm attribution on iOS. So when IDFA goes away these integrations will cease and no longer work. Most reliable MMPs are already in discussion with these networks and sourcing solutions to work around this which the networks are providing. Maybe that's a good thing having standardisation across all platforms?

What can App owner do now?

While the iOS 14 is considered the first step towards depreciating the IDFA, brands and advertisers alike should focus on preparing to adapt to the new regulations and building consumer relationships so that whether or not the IDFA is eventually eliminated all together, consumers will be more likely to opt-in. Brands and advertisers should be prepared to educate their consumers on how ID-level data can be used in their best interests and provide them with valuable information to make an informed decision.


  • Gain app-specific permission from users in order to use the IDFA for tracking


  • Ensure the App Store product will feature a custom breakdown of any self-reported privacy practices


  • Provide a link to the privacy policy on the App Store page

Download our iOS 14 Info Brochure for more information

iOS 14 Info Brochure
Download PDF • 2.19MB

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