The Digi-Fu Team

Chris Witthoft


I have over 12 years of experience in Digital, Data and Loyalty industries. I Co-Founded 3 startup tech companies and a non-profit school. 


Produced one industry award winning digital marketing company and one profitable exit


I’m naturally operational strong with an ability to build and develop team members, while keeping focused on the numbers that matter.


Passionate about helping businesses succeed through innovative technologies 

Samantha De La Porte

Digital Consultant

I have worked with Sam for the past 4 years on a number of different projects in the Digital, Data and Loyalty industries

Sam possesses a unique skill in understanding data while introducing creative marketing flair to the mix. Experienced in neuromarketing.

She is responsible for campaign management and creative elements for clients to ensure their success

Alick McIntosh


Alick brings a wealth of investment and strategic insight with  over 25 years setting up companies from scratch in the commodity, logistics and renewables sector.


Currently the Co-Founder of IceCap a successful corporate and alternative asset administration services business based in Jersey with offices in Mauritius and logistics company in Mozambique.

He resides in Jersey and acts as an advisor to our team

Stephen Moore

Technical Advisor

A Business Analyst, Electrical Engineer, Solution Architect and Software Developer with over 23 years’ experience in the industry from hardware design to cloud based application development.


Most of his career has been spent in Innovation, taking a conceptual idea, designing and delivering a solution while building the capability into the development team for continuous improvement.

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