Prospecting Ads

We help you get in front of your future customers. Before you start advertising we help you develop your Ideal Customer Profile.


Then we go and find your Ideal customers online. Because your advertising is targeted to a predefined customer profile, we don’t waste advertising budget which helps you save money. 


You get in front of your future customers that are most likely to be interested in your business.


We use our machine learning system to optimise your campaign, our system considers a wide range of data to suggest how best to optimise your campaign such as:

  • Platforms used

  • Websites reached

  • Time of day

  • Location

  • Device

  • Budget

  • And much more

How are Prospecting Ads different to Lead Nurturing Ads

Prospecting Ads

We find your future customers and put your business in front of them

Lead Nurturing Ads

We use your offline data (CRM & ePos) and website visitor data and advertise to these leads that have already engaged with your company, helping you win over lost customers and close deals faster.

The DigiFu Process
Develop ICP 
Prospecting Ads
Lead Nurturing

Focus efforts on your Ideal Customer Profile

Advertise to your ICP on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn

Generate Leads from personalised content and landing pages

Personalized  remarketing on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn

Reporting, Measurement and Budget allocation

Why should you prospect and nurture leads

For the best results we recommend your campaigns utilise both prospecting and lead nurturing. This digital strategy will help you find your future customers and help convert the dormant leads. Now your marketing strategy covers the full lead life cycle.

Global Ad Inventory

We put your business in front of where your future customers are, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, CNN, BBC and much more

Our system monitors your campaign 24/7 enabling our digital marketing experts to optimize your campaign and produce the best possible results. 

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