How Does Lead Nurturing Work

We help you win over lost and dormant clients. Get clients to spend again! Customers that have visited your website and did not buy, clients that are just stuck in your CRM stage and not moving to won or clients in your ePOS system that are not buying from you. 


We take your offline and website data and use it to run remarketing adverts that help remind these leads to come back and purchase from you.

Lead Nurturing Steps


Lead visits and leaves your website


Lead is dormant in your CRM or ePos


We collect data from your website, CRM and ePos


Your lead is browsing online and sees your ads on other peoples websites


Your ad gets your lead interested again


Your lead converts to a customer

The DigiFu Process
Develop ICP 
Prospecting Ads
Lead Nurturing

Focus efforts on your Ideal Customer Profile

Advertise to your ICP on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn

Generate Leads from personalised content and landing pages

Personalized  remarketing on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn

Reporting, Measurement and Budget allocation

Why Should You Prospect and Nurture Leads

For the best results we recommend your campaigns utilize both prospecting and lead nurturing. This digital strategy will help you find your future customers and help convert the dormant leads. Now your marketing strategy covers the full lead life cycle

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